2 December 2008

Funding 2009

6 projects awarded funding

The Steering Group for Asian Dynamics Initiative received 17 applications for financial support for Asia related activities in 2009. A significant number of the applications were qualified. Given budgetary limits the Steering Group had to prioritize among these.

The following projects will receive funding in 2009:

  • Between China and the World. The Movement and Transformation of Knowledge over Time.
    Denise Gimpel and Bent Nielsen, Department for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

    Interdisciplinary workshop relating to the ADI research theme 'Knowledge in Transit'. The workshop should be seen as a testing ground for the theoretical concept ‘transformative space' by means of case studies from historically very different periods. The workshop will bring together approaches of history, philosophy, literature, cultural studies and the social sciences. The participants will include researchers from the University of Copenhagen and guests from Universities in China, Europe and the USA. The aim is to provide a first theoretical toolbox for the analysis of 'Ideas in Transit' with regard to China.
  • DERG - Guest lectures with Professor Pranab Bardhan
    Finn Tarp, Development Economics Research Group (DERG), Department of Economics

    Pranab Bardhan is a leading expert on economic development. He is currently working on the emerging economies in China and India. At present DERG is launching a big comparative study on Vietnam og Mozambique, and Pranab Bardhan's visit will bring an interesting perspective to this project.
  • Nordic Sri Lanka Research Seminar: Development and Peace
    Birgitte Refslund Sørensen, Department of Anthropology

    The forth annual 'Nordic Workshop on Sri Lanka' will be held in Copenhagen in 2009. Since the launch in 2006 Nordic Workshop has fostered interdisciplinary network relations and collaboration among scholars residing in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The themes for the workshop in 2009 are 'Conflict, Peace and Development', 'Politics and Ethics of Research in the Context of Conflict' and 'The Relation between Conflict, Peace and Popular Culture'.
  • Copenhagen South Asia Network (CSAN)
    Peter Birkelund Andersen, Department for Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies and Birgitte Refslund Sørensen, Department of Anthropology

    In 2008 CSAN, an open multidisciplinary research network, was established. The overall objective of CSAN is to develop highly qualified, dynamic South Asia research by systematic information sharing, joint invitations of guest lecturers, regular meetings and research seminars. Future plans include conferences, joint courses and colloborative research programmes. ADI has granted financial support for a research seminar that will revolve around ADI's research themes in a South Asian context.
  • Gender, Welfare, Work, Organization
    Hilda Rømer Christensen, Department of Sociology and Cecilia Milwertz, NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies

    Two scholars from Peking University will be invited to Copenhagen to 1) participate in the research seminar 'Gender, Climate and Sustainability' organized by Co-ordination for Gender Studies, University of Copenhagen 2) give lectures about gender, work and organisation in China at NIAS and at the Department of Sociology 3) develop a colloborative summer school project between the University of Copenhagen and Peking University.
  • Visualising Asian Modernity: The Global Rise of Contemporary Japanese and East Asian Visual Arts
    Gunhild Borggren, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies

    Two seminars on Asian visual arts related to popular culture, global economy and social change. The seminars will bring together researchers from the University of Copenhagen, internationally acclaimed scholars, artists, students, and the Danish public. The project aims to put the analysis of cutting edge visual arts production with large global impact at the heart of our understanding of Asian dynamics. The project combines fine arts and art history specialism with social scientists working on East Asian economy and society.