21 November 2008

Humanities Spring 2009 II: 'New Perspectives for Asian Studies'

ESF offers, on a competitive basis, full-cost awards to leading young scholars to participate in the ESF Humanities Spring 2009 II

The ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (SCH) and the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation (CCK-F) invite the next generation of leading scholars in the Humanities ("early career researchers") to participate in a three-day "new horizons" workshop in Prague, Czech Republic, from 27 - 30 May 2009.

The ESF Standing Committee for the Humanities (SCH) plays a central role in coordinating existing and emerging transnational networks of scholars and institutions in the Humanities. Stakeholders are national and international research funding bodies looking for new contributions to their discussions on strategic choices. With the 'ESF Humanities Spring 2009 II', SCH wishes to mobilise the creative potential of the next generation of leading Humanities scholars to inform these processes.

The 2009 II workshop will be held under the title: 'New Perspectives for Asian Studies in the Humanities'

A distinguished group of 21 young scholars will debate and sketch possible and/or desired futures for Asian Studies research in the Humanities. Participants will address some of the challenges and opportunities Humanities scholarship is facing in this particular field of study (in terms of both topics and research communities). The discussions will be animated by six more senior colleagues from the field.

By way of introduction, three of the senior colleagues will give keynote lectures presenting and interpreting national and international examples of relevant strategic initiatives and ongoing activities. There will also be other opportunities to learn about international research funding programmes. The detailed workshop programme will be made available on the "ESF Humanities Spring" website shortly.

During thematically defined break-out sessions and more broadly conceived plenary sessions, participants will work towards setting up a global network of scholars in Asian Studies in the Humanities. Furthermore, topics of common interest to be further developed will be identified. These will be used as input for future Humanities policy and funding discussions, as well as policy briefings at the level of ESF, its member organisations and beyond. ¨

Deadline for submission of applications: 18 December 2008