15 September 2014

New Special Journal Issue on 'Imagining Bangladesh' co-edited by Manpreet Janeja

Imagining Bangladesh: Contested Narratives (SAMAJ-EASAS)

Edited by  Benjamin Zeitlyn, Manpreet K. Janeja and José Mapril


Bangladesh is a country that appears only on the margins of western news and academic interest. When it does, it is usually in the context of catastrophes. In this Introduction to the special issue, we agree with Lewis (2011) that this large, complex and dynamic country merits more attention. Looking at it through the lens of ‘contested narratives’ centring on identities, notions of home and belonging in transnational Bangladeshi communities and the development, economy and politics of the country, we identify areas in which these contested narratives are particularly pertinent to current events in Bangladesh and which the papers in this special issue touch upon.

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Series editors: Margret Frenz and Roger Jeffery.
This thematic issue is the second in a series of issues jointly co-edited by SAMAJ (South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal) and the European Association for South Asian Studies (EASAS).