5 January 2012

Seed money for cross-faculty research at KU

To support the University’s strategic initiative to strengthen the 'dry' faculties' possibility to receive more external funding and to strengthen the cooperation across faculties there will be allocated four pools in 2012 of DKK 200,000 as start up/workload reduction for researchers from the 'dry' faculties.

Assessment criteria

  • The pool is targeted one or several researchers from one of the 'dry' faculties

  • The applicant must be a key player in the project

  • The project is eligible across different faculties

  • The project requires problem orientation and focus on one specific research project, only to be resolved by interdisciplinary research

  • The project is required to provide new solutions for challenges in today’s society

  • The project requires potential to develop into a large interdisciplinary priority area

Deadline has passed