7 April 2010

NIAS Nordic Postdoc Introductory Stipends

NIAS is now open for applications from young scholars, preferably from the Nordic countries and especially from the Nordic NIAS Council (NNC) member institutions, who need time and freedom to concentrate on developing their postdoc projects. With excellent library facilities, a modern publishing unit, and research staff dealing with different aspects of modern Asia, you can hardly find a more suitable or inspiring working place.

This year various activities at NIAS are being embraced and coordinated within a single overarching agenda under the research program Mapping the Mental Landscapes of Eurasia. This program seeks to go beyond studies of individual countries and culture to focus on the relations between agents, agencies, countries and cultures. We therefore particularly welcome applicants whose projects could clearly contribute to this program. 

The postdoc stipend offer includes a two-month stay at NIAS on a salary according to present Danish university standards. We do not provide housing, but will assist in directing your way to accommodation.

Certain conditions apply:

• Recipients of a NIAS introductory stipend have to commit themselves, while at NIAS, to write an application for long term research funding (minimum 2 years)
• Project funding must include a 25% institutional overhead for NIAS
• Applicants granted funding are expected to carry out their project research at NIAS. If they wish to continue an affiliation with their home institute, an arrangement will be negotiated so the candidate can divide his/her time between the relevant institutions.

Interested? Here is how to proceed:

• E-mail us a short draft (max. 3 pp) of your research proposal.
• Attach an updated CV and a copy of your PhD diploma.
• Add two references that we can contact.
• Suggest your preferred period of stay.

Three stipend periods are vacant in 2010:

• First stipend is for 15 May-14 July. Deadline for applications is 16 April 2010.
• Next stipend is for 1 September-31 October. Deadline for applications is 2 August 2010.
• Final stipend is for 1 October-30 November. Deadline for applications is 1 September 2010.

Applications will be evaluated by the NIAS research staff in collaboration with representatives from the Nordic NIAS Council.