16 December 2009

Cross-disciplinary Course on Migration Studies

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Migration - Course for BA and MA Students, spring 2010

The course offers a cross-disciplinary introduction to migration studies. Migration researchers from different departments at the university will introduce students to the main theoretical and methodological issues within their discipline, present their own research, and discuss how it has contributed to the field of migration studies. These lectures will be complemented by sessions where students discuss central disciplinary perspectives on migration research that they propose. Disciplines introduced are anthropology, sociology, political science, law, philosophy, health, religion, psychology, socio-linguistics, cultural studies, economics and geography.

Key themes include mobility, place making, processes of inclusion and exclusion, identification and belonging, health and social impact, law politics and economics.

More information and registration at: www.migration.ku.dk
Application deadline: 15 January 2010 at 12:00