12 August 2011

NIAS Nordic Post Doc Introductory Stipends 2011

NIAS invites applications for five individual post-doc introductory stipends covering a period of 2-3 months for young researchers located in the Nordic countries.

The research conducted at NIAS in the upcoming period falls under the umbrella of our research program "Mapping the Human Landscapes of Eurasia. Dealing with Cultural Difference in our Globalized World" which focuses on the relations between people in Asia and Europe. The European and Asian landmass exists as an entity, but distance, political borders, and cultural differences have historically kept East and West apart in understanding despite their many encounters and shared common interests. It is our firm belief that differences rooted in culture can and should be used to our mutual advantage, rather than simply recognized and consequently rejected or manipulated or utilized as a tool for stratification as has historically been the case.

The program analyses how people as individuals, groups and institutions in and across EurAsia are responding to changing environmental and socio-political conditions, drawing particular attention to the challenges of dealing with differences that are rooted in culture. With the ambition of promoting inter-cultural understanding, this interdisciplinary research program brings together Nordic and Asian scholars to study EurAsia. The aim is to produce knowledge of the workings of relations across differences and equip both sides of the EurAsian continent with tools to creatively manage the many relations, encounters and collaborations that define our times.

Candidates working with projects that would both suit and strengthen this program are encouraged to submit an application. We at NIAS work interdisciplinarily and comparatively, chiefly within the social sciences. We encourage applications from a wide range of disciplines including psychology and geography, and also candidates from the life sciences and humanities.

Stipend Period

* From October 2011 or as soon as possible thereafter.


* Stipend recipients must commit to writing an application for long term research funding (minimum 2 years).
* Project funding must include a 25% institutional overhead for NIAS.
* In the case that funding applications submitted during the stay at NIAS are successful, the research project must be carried out at NIAS. Continued affiliation to a home institute can be negotiated if desired.

Application procedure

* Please email your application to Susanne K. Kolodziejczyk at Susanne.knudsen@nias.ku.dk

The application should include:
* Maximum 3 page draft of your research proposal which includes a description of how the proposal ties in with the NIAS research program.
* A copy of your PhD diploma.
* A current CV with two references who we can contact.

Application deadline: 1 September 2011.