3 August 2012

Nordic cooperation within South-Asia Courses

The universities of Oslo, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Göteborg and Uppsala have initiated a collaboration project in South Asia studies, NorSA. Together they will offer a set of Master courses with a specific South Asia focus, targeting a rising need in the Nordic region to increase the knowledge about countries of growing global importance like India and Pakistan.

A central aspect of NorSA is to create a Nordic pool of courses that will be offered to MA students in the region. The courses will use video conference to offer synchronic lectures and Internet based tools like blog and wiki. Thus, traditional student mobility will no longer be requested; the students can follow courses offered at their home university at the same time as they follow a course offered by one of the collaborating universities.

NorSA starts autumn 2012 with offering the following two courses:

  • Between colonialism and post-colonialism: Themes in twentieth century history (Aarhus)
  • India as a Regional and Global Actor: The Making of Indian Foreign Affairs

Admission deadline for the courses is 27 August.

Through the tree years project all the partner universities will develop and offer courses to the common pool.

Not only will the students benefit from a wider range of high quality courses, the participating universities will also be able to reduce the workload for the South Asia staff. The Nordic collaboration on South Asia studies main goal is through joint efforts make educational provisions more robust, comprehensive and exciting for the students at the involved institutions.

Project coordinator
Dr. Geir Heierstad
Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages
P.O.Box 1010 Blindern
N-0315 Oslo, Norway
Phone: (+47) 22 85 47 90
Mobile: (+47) 950 85 622
E-mail: geir.heierstad@ikos.uio.no