22 May 2017

Open Call: Walking through the Open Door

As part of the International Asian Dynamics Initiative Conference 2017, the Faculty Library of Social Sciences will be hosting an ImmigrantART visual arts exhibition, "Walking through the Open Door", under the conference theme Asia in Circulation.

For this, ImmigrantART has issued an open call for potential exhibitors for the art installation. They are looking for 17 people to fill one door each with visual art, be it photographs, drawings, paintings or other forms. Download the flyer here.

"Air flows through large openings in buildings, as well as through culture and civilization and human intellect. Different civilizations have built houses with separate exits and entrances, sometimes creating opportunities, sometimes creating barriers; even human intellect at times makes it difficult to open doors yet at the same time it facilitates the circulation of new ideas. We have come up with a concept of using all the doors in the Social Science Faculty Library to display images in an exhibition entitled Walking Through the Open Door. Using the doors to display the artwork links to the idea of doors as a symbol of connecting civilizations and history."

The exhibition will be on display during the conference 26-28 June.