30 January 2022

Gender and Society in Contemporary India

NCI Summer Programme - July 18th to August 12th 2022

“Gender and Society in Contemporary India” is a four-week-long intensive summer course at University of Hyderabad that aims to provide an overview of issues related to gender and sexuality in India from a feminist perspective. The diversity of India will be a lens through which the course will explore issues. Students will do readings, watch films and have some field trips to understand the reality presented. Field trips are included so that students get a chance to visit NGOs working on women and child labour, self-help groups, community media and activist groups such as Hyderabad for Feminism.

Seven modules have been chosen and there will be faculty from the university from sociology, political science, women’s studies, regional studies, and communication participating in the teaching of the modules. On completion of the course students should demonstrate an interdisciplinary understand of the diverse gender issues in contemporary India. They should be able to move away from existing stereotypes and critically evaluate patriarchal social practices.

Located in the cosmopolitan city of Hyderabad, the intensive course includes daily lectures, field visits, assignments, preparatory readings, and the writing of a term paper. The course, open to students from all disciplines at the member universities of NCI, is organized by the Study in India Program at the campus of University of Hyderabad.

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