Copenhagen ADI Conference 2016
8th annual international ADI conference
Asian Dynamics Initiative
University of Copenhagen 20-22 June 2016

Minorities in Asia between homogenization and fragmentation

Conveners: Ildikó Bellér-Hann and Nikolaos Olma, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen

The persistence of nationalism and the impact of globalization continue to attract a great deal of attention both inside and outside academia. Modern nation-states typically have their origins in the forging of an imagined nation from disparate cultural, regional groupings within their territory. Such groups have often sought political/cultural autonomy. These simultaneous contrasting processes can be theorized in terms of homogenization and fragmentation. The increasing attention paid to supranational homogenizing efforts and local responses can be gauged through the discussions emerging around the concepts of globalization and glocalization. While minorities may be mentioned in such contexts, they are often represented either as victims of human rights abuses or as the scapegoats for failed globalizing/nationalizing projects. The panel invites papers exploring minorities across Asia via the everyday strategies of individuals, families and discreet communities, as agents seeking to improve their condition encounter the homogenizing efforts of both global and national projects. The panel is envisaged as an interdisciplinary discussion forum, where priority will be given to papers based on specific case studies framed by anthropology, human geography or history.