Panels and Workshops

ADI Conference 12-13 November 2010

Governing Difference

Ravinder Kaur & Ayo Wahlberg
This workshop explores the notion of "difference" in its multiple meanings and settings, and the ways in which it plays out in the social-political landscape.

Belonging, citizenship and identities

Marie Roesgaard & Brian Jacobsen
This panel will focus on the establishment of order (social, psychological, natural) and the various endeavours to ascribe discursively order and predictability to the surrounding world.

Autonomy: a formula for security or a cause of separatist conflicts? Asian and European perspectives and experiences

Timo Kivimäki
This workshop looks at separatist conflicts - the main challenge to peace and security both in Europe and Asia.

The transmission of Sanskrit medical literature in India

Kenneth Zysk
The workshop is the fifth meeting of an international group of scholars working on the Indian medical literature in Sanskrit.

Indigenous Peoples in the 21st Century Asia. Identities and strategies for self-determination

Peter B. Andersen
The workshop raises questions such as: How far to allow and to organize cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in modern states?

Dynamics of change in North Korea and Northeast Asia since the end of the Cold War

Camilla T. N. Sørensen & Geir Helgesen
This workshop explores the complexity and the dynamics behind economic, political and security developments in North Korea.

Political movements in post-authoritarian regimes

Lars Højer & Morten A. Pedersen
This workshop invites ethnographic studies of emerging political imaginaries and incipient political movements in post-authoritarian contexts.

State Policy and Local Responses in China’s West

Trine Brox & Ildiko Bellér-Hann
This interdisciplinary panel aims to generate ethnographic insights into the complex relationship between local society and the Chinese state.

Globalization and trade with emerging economies

Jakob Roland Munch
This workshop will focus on aspects related to international trade with emerging low-wage economies.

Ideas in Transit

Bent Nielsen & Denise Gimpel
This workshop looks at the flow of ideas between East and West. Throughout history ideas have moved at different speeds and for enormously different reasons.

Gendering Asia

Cecilia Milwertz & Katja Rangsivek
The following themes will be in focus: ‘Effects of gendered Asia', ‘Gendered processes constructing Asia' and ‘How does the application of gender theory make a difference to the knowledge we construct of Asia?