Intra-Asian Connections: Interactions, flows, landscapes

Photo@ Flickr: Vera & Jean-Christophe

6th annual International ADI Conference

22-24 October 2014

Asian Dynamics Initiative - University of Copenhagen

The Asian Dynamics Initiative (ADI) organized the conference 'Intra-­Asian Connections: Interactions, flows, landscapes'  at the University of Copenhagen on 22-24 October 2014.

The conference took place over three days and featured distinguished keynote speakers as well as panels emphasizing intra-Asian connections in order to highlight the historical contingency of modern borders and hence of area studies themselves.

Through comparative and cross‐border perspectives we sought out opportunities to rethink the ‘maps in our minds’; to theorize alternative temporalities, spatialities and modernities that emerge when Asia is not simply cast in opposition to the West; and to seek alternative epistemological grounding in conceptualizations of interactions, flows, and more dynamic landscapes.

'Intra-­Asian Connections: Interactions, flows, landscapes' was the sixth in a series of annual, interdisciplinary conferences initiated by ADI in 2008. ADI is a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary effort to meet the current challenges and demands for better knowledge of and deeper insights into Asian matters.






































The conference has received generous support from:

ØK’s Almennyttige Fond  | 
EAC Foundation

Organising Committee

Rune Bennike, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Alexander Horstmann, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Ravinder Kaur, Dept. of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies

Marie Roesgaard, Asian Dynamics Initiative

Oscar Salemink, Dept. of Anthropology

Ayo Wahlberg, Dept. of Anthropology

Marie Yoshida, Asian Dynamics Initiative