Department of Anthropology

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Andersen, Signe Lindgård PhD Fellow Transfer of know-how, concepts and technologies, hospital ethnography, clinical standards, travelling technologies, China and Denmark +45 353-34130 E-mail
Bundgaard, Helle Associate professor Literary anthropology;, Ethnographic text; Indian craft matters; India, Denmark. +45 353-23483 E-mail
Gammeltoft, Tine Professor Anthropology of health, sexual/reproductive health, kinship, gender, sexuality, development & globalization, science & technology, South East Asia, Vietnam +45 353-23474 E-mail
Gausset, Quentin Associate professor Environment, development, HIV/AIDS, ethnicity, Africa, Southeast Asia +45 353-23473 E-mail
Lillelund, Caroline Johanne PhD student Art and art worlds, museums, globalisation, cultural change, politics of representation, India, Europe +45 353-31563 E-mail
Mogensen, Hanne Overgaard Associate professor The Practice of Anthropology. People and Ideas in Action +45 353-23454 E-mail
Oxlund, Bjarke Professor with special responsibilities Head of Department +45 26 14 88 43 E-mail
Pedersen, Morten Axel Professor Professor +45 353-23475 E-mail
Rubow, Cecilie Associate professor Religion, transcendences, green projects, environment, qualitative project designs +45 353-23568 E-mail
Rungby, Asmus Randløv PhD fellow +45 353-36508 E-mail
Salemink, Oscar Professor Religion, heritage, ethnic minorities, development, Southeast Asia, Vietnam +45 353-24472 E-mail
Samuelsen, Helle Associate professor Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Development, West Africa. +45 353-27877 E-mail
Sejrup, Jens Assistant professor News media, representation, postcolonialism, narratives, critical theory, Japan, Taiwan +45 353-34055 E-mail
Sen, Atreyee Associate professor Gender, Violence, urban anthropology, childhood studies, Political mobilization, prisons and conceptions of punishment, Poverty +45 353-33882 E-mail
Wahlberg, Ayo Professor with special responsibilities Quality of life, health metrics, biomedicine, reproductive technologies, traditional/alternative medicine +45 353-24451 E-mail
Weisdorf, Matti PhD Fellow Nature, biophilia, making-kin, ecologies, morality, secularism/religion, war veterans, Sri Lanka, Denmark +45 353-32039 E-mail