Department of Political Science

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Bueger, Christian Professor International relations, practice theory, ocean governance, maritime security, interpretive methods, informal governance, transnational organized crimes, infrastructures, Indian Ocean +45 353-25066 E-mail
Forsby, Andreas Bøje Postdoc China's foreign and security policy, US-China strategic rivalry, Danish-Chinese relations, The South China Sea, The Korean Peninsula, International relations (IR) +45 61 77 71 11 E-mail
Hoff, Jens Villiam Professor Citizens, climate change, governance, ICT, local, participation, policies, political communication, stakeholders, sustainability +45 353-23386 E-mail
Jakobsen, Uffe Associate professor Arctic, Greenland and Denmark-Greenland relations, Asian/Chinese interests in the Arctic/Greenland, conceptual history, climate change's impact on society, democratization, maritime security and security risk management, nation-building and state formation, parliamentarism, sustainable development +45 353-23404 E-mail
Kristensen, Peter Marcus Associate professor International Relations Theory, Sociology of Knowledge, Disciplinary History, Rising Powers and Power Transition Theory +45 353-22922 E-mail
Liu, Chunrong Associate professor +45 353-29522 E-mail
McCargo, Duncan Director of centre, professor Comparative politics, international politics, elections and parties, insurgencies, justice, monarchy, protests, digital natives, Southeast Asia, Thailand +45 353-24628 E-mail
Mortensen, Jens Ladefoged Associate professor EU external relations, international political economy, international trade +45 353-23448 E-mail
Nedergaard, Peter Professor Britain, business and politics, lobbyism, EU, European politics and policy, Germany, Great trade policy, political economy +45 353-23408 E-mail