Department of Sociology

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Abrahamson, Peter Associate professor Comparative welfare systems, social policy, labor market policies, European Union, Latin America, East Asia +45 353-23941 E-mail
Blok, Anders Associate professor Science & Technology Studies (STS), Environmental Sociology, Climate & risk society, French pragmatic sociology, Professions & society, Digital methods, Urban studies +45 353-23577 E-mail
Breengaard, Michala Hvidt Postdoc Gender, motherhood, family and work balance, gender equality, feminist theory +45 353-24380 E-mail
Chen, Alexander Linyu Qian PhD fellow +45 353-25349 E-mail
Christensen, Hilda Rømer Associate professor Gender, Gender equality, Gender dimensioning, China, Globalization, Welfare, Innovation +45 353-23943 E-mail
Ibssa, Yosef Kamal Part-time lecturer Globalisation +45 353-24502 E-mail