29 April 2021

Ethnicity, Ritual and Festivals in Asia

Oscar Salemink and Siu-Woo Cheung, Asian Education and Development Studies 9(1), 2021

book coverProfessor Oscar Salemink, Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen and Professor Siu-Woo Cheung of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology guest-edited a theme section on “Ethnicity, Ritual and Festivals in Asia” in the journal Asian Education and Development Studies 9(1).

The theme section is the result of a workshop around that theme in Hong Kong, involving researchers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, and the theme section involves three articles on China, one on Taiwan and three on Vietnam.

The introduction to the theme section (or “Guest Editorial”, according to the mores of that journal), was co-authored by Oscar Salemink and Siu-woo Cheung, and focuses on Community Festivals, Cultural Governance, and Late Socialism in Vietnam and China.

Read the guest editorial at: https://www.emerald.com