Centre for Advanced Migration Studies

The Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS) opens on 15 March  2013 at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. Combining a number of different approaches, including the social sciences, philosophy, history, ethnology, linguistics and the arts, the Centre promotes cutting-edge research on a broad range of issues in the theory and practice of migration. Thus, a guiding principle for all of AMIS’ work is that the challenges posed by migration require a collaborative effort from a wide range of disciplines. The primary aims of AMIS include stimulating and facilitating cooperation among the more than 130 researchers at the Faculty of the Humanities who work on issues of migration; providing a forum in which research projects and papers can be developed, discussed and improved; stimulating national and international research cooperation on migration; hosting talks, seminars and conferences; and addressing issues of immigration and integration for which there is significant societal interest.

Learn more about AMIS at https://amis.ku.dk/about

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