Asia and Europe Connected: Asia in Europe, Europe in Asia

Lecture by Dr. Byung H. Kim, Korean Ambassador to Denmark.

Following the lecture there will be a reception in Leifsgade 33, 5th floor.

  • The lecture starts with the Far Eastern 3 countries  (Ch, Jap, Korea) with the characterics of their alphabets/languages,
  • Reaching the Central Asia with their old (Turkic and Sogdian) languages, mentioning the Danish linguist who decoded the old Turkic language of the Orkhon stone inscriptions, along with Russian explorers,
  • mentioning further western academics who explored the Silk Road regions like Chavannes, Pelliot, Stein; meanwhile,
  • elaborating on the Silk Road, its peoples with its historical role bridging Asia and Europe, being corridor for trading goods and ideas/religions, also inviting conquering powers as illustrated by the Mongolian Empire, which caused a new constellation, matching the Völkerwanderung.
  • The region went into centuries long oblivion returning to a nomadic condition, only to be a century-long realm of influence of Tsar Russians and the USSR.
  • With the demise of the Soviet Union, suddenly Central Asian republics were born, to be targets of Silk Road diplomacy. Security concern and natural resources brought this Silk Road area with diverse ethnic groups with different connotation to a renewed attention.
  • With pipelines emerges an “Energy“ Silk Road.
  • Other types of “Silk Roads“ are to loom?
  • Besides the TSR, a new high/sea way to connect?
  • ASEM binds Europe and Asia, filling their missing link

 Q & A on current issues interesting to the public.