Confucianism to Save the World! China Talk by Dr. Bai Tongdong

Confucianism to save the world! The cultural messages of a risisng China, and how a Confucian hybrid regime can address issues that democracies are not structured to a address.

China is rising, but what messages can and should a rising China bring to the world? Focusing on the normative aspect of this question (what message China should, not actually does, bring to the world), professor of philosophy Bai Tongdong argues that we should look into traditional Chinese philosophy, especially Confucianism, in order to discover these messages.

Taking Confucianism as a universal teaching that is meant for all, not just the Chinese, and is still relevant to contemporary political issues in the world, professor Bai argues that it can offer alternative and even better political models than the mainstream Western models.

Dr. Bai Tongdong is a professor at Fudan University's School of Philosophy. His main research interests are political philosophy and traditional Chinese thought.