Global Lectures - Ha-Joon Chang

23 thing they don’t tell you about capitalism - and what they mean for our economic prospects

“It has been five years since the global financial crisis broke out. If this were a normal downturn, the economy should have already recovered. Instead, we are talking about the prospect of a ‘lost decade’. Unemployment, especially youth unemployment, stays stubbornly high, while the financial elite keep drawing huge salaries and bonuses, even as their shenanigans are constantly exposed. What has gone wrong? In the talk, the author debunks the prevailing myths – 23 of them, to be exact – and shows how our economic system, especially the financial system, needs to be completely rewired if we are to build a more dynamic and fairer economy. “

Dr. Ha-Joon Chang obtanined his PhD in economics at Cambridge University, and now researches and teaches development economy at the university. He is the author of several books, the latest being 23 Thing They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, as well as the recipient of several academic awards.

Time: Thursday, 23 May, 4 pm

Venue: Room 1.1.18, CSS - UCPH


Critical Reflections on Globalization

Global Lectures brings world class international researchers to Copenhagen, to lecture on political and economic issues. The lecture series is arranged by the Department of Political Science at the University of Copenhagen, along with the student organizations International Debat and Netværk for Politisk Økonomi.