Law and Art: European And Global Perspectives

Painting Exhibition on ?Images of Law and Justice? by Rubya Mehdi

Painting Exhibition on “Images of Law and Justice” by Rubya Mehdi

A workshop organized by Centre for European Constitutionalization and Security, Faculty of Law & Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen

All art forms have relationships with communities and their understandings and representation of  ideas, ideals, norms and order. Secular and religious European, global and local legal cultures interact with representations of norms, ideals and conflicts in many art forms. Technology and globalization have influenced and changed both norms and representations.

This workshop will address some of these relations hoping to contribute to an emerging field of research and action.

Time: Tuesday 10 December 2013, 8:30-18:15

Venue: The staff canteen 02-3-44, Studiegaarden, Studiestraede 6, 3rd floor, DK-1455 Copenhagen K.

Registration deadline: Monday December, 2 2013