ADI Lunch Lecture - Jakob Roland Munch

The next lunch lecture is by Jakob Roland Munch, Professor at the Department of Economics. The title of his lecture is "Trade with China - Are there reasons to be concerned?"

The ADI lunch lectures take place once a month at NIAS and are open lectures on an Asia related topic. The idea is to give a taste of the wide range of Asia related research going on at the University of Copenhagen and to open up for future interdisciplinary and interregional research collaborations.

Future lectures




16 June                        
Ildiko Beller-Hann, Associate Prof., Central Asia, Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies  

Household economy and community cohesion in rural Xinjiang

13 October*

Mikkel Bunkenborg et. al., Dept. of Anthropology

15 December

Cecilia Milwertz, senior researcher, NIAS 


The lectures and the following discussions take place on the third Wednesday every month from 12.15-13.30 at:

NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies
Leifsgade 33, 3rd floor
2300 Copenhagen S

You are welcome to bring your own lunch - ADI will provide a small snack. 

*Because of the autunm holidays the October lunch lecture will be on the second - not the third - Wednesday.