N-SEA workshop: Security and migration

The second of two workshops on "Demographic changes in Southeast Asia: Regional and international ramifications" organized by N-SEA – the Nordic Southeast Asia Network and sponsered by NOS-HS.

Second workshop: Security and migration
Helsinki, 23-24 October 2015

The workshop will explore the connection between demographic change and sociopolitical stability. Central concerns are how population growth and migration transform political space, how Southeast Asian societies have reorganized themselves around these spaces in recent history and how Southeast Asian migration impacts also on Nordic countries. The workshop will explore four related issues:

  • How and to what extent have urbanization and the exit from agriculture created new grievances for rural populations, and how are these transformations appropriated as new stages for the articulation of political interests and imaginations?
  • How has labor migration to free trade zones, agricultural estates and more affluent countries made an imprint in cultural patterns throughout Southeast Asia?
  • How and in what ways has demographic transition affected Southeast Asian countries, areas and ethnic groups not least in relation to the demographic balance between politically dominant and subordinate groups?
  • How does Southeast Asian migration affect the receiving countries, not least the Nordic region?

Apart from these scholarly discussions, the workshop will also feature important policy discussions with invited policy makers from the Nordic region.

Invited keynote speakers from outside the Nordic region:

  • Jonathan Rigg, National University of Singapore
  • Priya Deshingkar, University of Sussex

The first workshop "Gender and Generational Transformations in Southeast Asia" took place in Copenhagen on 16-17 April 2015.


These workshops are organized by the Nordic Network of Southeast Asian Studies and ADI with the generous financial support of the Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and the Social Sciences (NOS-HS).

The organizing committee consists of Oscar Salemink (University of Copenhagen); Monica Lindberg Falk (Lund University); Steffen Jensen (DIGNITY-Danish Institute Against Torture); Isabelle Côté (University of Leiden); Helle Rydström (Lund University), Timo Kaartinen (University of Helsinki) and Marie Yoshida (University of Copenhagen). For more information about the network, please write Marie Yoshida (marie.yoshida@nias.ku.dk).