NordMedia: Media Presence – Mobile Modernities

Panel on "Media and Communication in Asia in early 21 century: Changes, Continuities, and Challenges"

"Asia has some of the largest, most dynamic, diversified, and complicated media industries in the world. Entering the 21st Century, the rapid economic and political developmentes of Asia futher energize the growth of media locally and globally. This panel looks into the media in Asia and asks questions such as: Will greater access to information for journalists, including independent journalists, the professionalization of media, and the widespread use of online media change the media ecology in countries such as Vietnam and Singapore? Will the proliferation of new information and communication technologies advance the process of democratization in authoritarian regimes such as China?" 

Organizers: Jun Liu and Emilie Tinne Taulø-Jacobsen, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen

Interesting papers:

Christian Göbel: Digitalization Instead of Democracy: How Information Technology Shape the Future of the Chinese State

Hui Zhao: Contextual Constraints and Facilitation of Crisis Communication - A Case Study of Chinese Microblog