Proletarian Nights in the 21st Century

Jaques Rancière’s writings on politics has had a tremendous impact on the social sciences during the past decades. In this workshop, we aim to gather researchers grappling with issues of the political in their work to a seminar where we debate Rancière’s detailed explorations of working class lives and struggles in 19th century France by comparing it to our own work.

The seminar is structured as a roundtable with each participant offering a 5-10 minutes reflection on aspects of Rancière’s work of particular relevance to today’s debates, maybe reflected through our own work.

Dr. Alpa Shah from LSE and Dr. Jens Lerche from SOAS will participate from the UK with their solid knowledge of political mobilization and labor issues.


12:00 - 13:00  Lunch (room TBA)
13:00 - 16:00  Roundtable (room 10.4.05)


Participation is free but with a limited number of spaces available and registration is required. Contact Dan V. Hirslund at to register.

Please be advised that reading "Proletarian Nights" is required for participation in the roundtable.


Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, UCPH
Karen Blixens Vej 4, Bygning 10