Growth: Critical perspectives from Asia

5th International Conference
13-14 June 2013 – Asian Dynamics Initiative – University of Copenhagen

Economic Growth in Emerging Economies

Panel convenors: Jakob Roland Munch and Carl Johan Dalgaard (Dept. of Economics, University of Copenhagen)

This panel invites papers from researchers studying economic growth in emerging economies in Asia and elsewhere. All papers in the field of economic growth will be considered, but we particularly encourage researchers to submit papers on topics such as ‘The roles of factor accumulation, labor markets and technological progress in explaining growth in newly industrializing countries’, ‘The effects of growth on inequality, poverty, welfare and happiness’, ‘The links between economic growth and the environment’, ‘Interrelations between growth and political outcomes such as conflict and political rights’; ‘The link between culture, institutions and long-run development’. These topics are of general interest but obviously also worth exploring in an Asian context.