Growth: Critical perspectives from Asia

5th International Conference
13-14 June 2013 – Asian Dynamics Initiative – University of Copenhagen

Panel on: Exploring local pathways of economic growth

Panel convenor: Siddharth Sareen (Forest & Landscape, UCPH)

This panel aims to understand the multi-faceted meaning and pathways of economic growth by focussing on local pockets of success. It calls for examples of successful initiatives from Asia in the field of natural resources that have resulted in local economic ‘growth’. These may be initiatives led by government institutions, local businesses, communities, or driven by local and regional elites. Common to the initiatives is that, regardless of the manner in which they have come about, they have contributed to economic development at the local level. Papers could focus on the conditions under which such initiatives have been successful, on their socioeconomic consequences, or on other aspects.

The panel regards initiatives as successful because they contribute to local economic growth, whether they do so by achieving their stated purpose or through unintended pathways. The latter case presents an opportunity to understand how local actors get involved in, channel, or relate with various kinds of initiatives. Understanding the role of local agency can support more effective future policy formulation and targeted development aid, which are both important concerns in Asian contexts. Therefore, papers that are concerned with initiatives that have been co-opted or adapted by local-level actors to fit their own needs, but which nevertheless contribute to local economic growth, are particularly welcome.