ADI Conference "Rising Asia, Anxious Europe"
2-3 May 2012


Suggested sub-themes and empirical areas of interest are as follows, although we welcome other topics relevant to the overall Asia-Europe theme as well: 

  • Shifting Centres of Economic Gravity

    How are economic ties between Europe and Asia changing form? Are outsourcing and offshoring still relevant concepts?

  • Environmental Challenges

    How are Asian and European countries tackling global environmental and food security challenges?

  • Urban Imaginaries and Power

    The rise of Asian cities and their challenges: New configurations of east west power relations within the urban arena?

  • Changing Security Dynamics

    How are the rises of China and India impacting the ways in which global security is thought about?

  • Historical Difference

    In what ways is the fresh encounter between Asia and Europe similar to and dissimilar from earlier encounters?

  • Cultural Effects

    ‘Tiger moms', Asian language teaching in European schools, traditional Asian medicine, yoga, popular culture - how might we think about the Asianisation of Europe?

  • Competition for Resources

    How is a new global competition for resources and markets unfolding as emerging economic powerhouses join the fray with established industrial powers in the West and East Asia?